2. Using Ingres Commands : csreport Command—Display Shared Memory Information : csreport Example: Show Server Connect IDs
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csreport Example: Show Server Connect IDs
The following command shows the processes that are currently running. You can use this command to obtain the server connect IDs for iimonitor input.
csreport | grep "inuse 1"
Here is sample output:
!inuse 1, pid 3375, connect id 2217, id_number 0, semid 3900
!inuse 1, pid 3384, connect id 2220, id_number 1, semid 4101
!inuse 1, pid 3389, connect id , id_number 2, semid 0
The Recovery Server is listed first and can be connected to iimonitor with the connect ID 2217. The other server in this listing has the connect ID 2220. Processes (as opposed to servers) do not have a connect ID.