2. Using Ingres Commands : genxml Command—Export Tables Into XML Format : genxml Examples
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genxml Examples
This command generates a copy of a database testdb in XML format:
genxml testdb
The generated files “xmlout.xml” and “ingres.dtd” are written to the current directory. The file xmlout.xml contains the metadata and data of all tables in the database testdb.
The following command exports table tab1 only, writes the files to directory (/tmp/mydirectory) using file name myxml.xml, and places the DTD file inline with the XML file:
genxml testdb -dest=”/tmp/mydirectory” -xmlfile=myfile.xml -internal_dtd tab1
If you want to recreate objects at any other location or installation without copying a large amount of data, you can use the -metadata_only flag to generate the metadata information in XML format.