2. Using Ingres Commands : lartool Command—Start Logging, Archiving, and Recovery Utility : lartool Example
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lartool Example
This example shows how to use the lartool utility to abort or commit a transaction:
1. Identify the ID of the transaction you wish to abort or commit, by using ipm or logstat.
2. Enter the command lartool. The utility prompts you to select an operation, either ABORT or COMMIT.
3. Select the operation. You are prompted for the transaction ID (TX_ID). Lartool then performs the requested operation.
4. To exit from lartool, type the command: exit.
Caution! Use this utility for a well-defined purpose only. Be aware that if you are aborting a transaction, it may take time to complete. In this case, do not bring the server down. Doing so merely transfers the rollback chore to the recovery process instead of the DBMS Server process. The rollback must still be processed, and the transaction will not be fully removed until rollback processing is completed.