2. Using Ingres Commands : quel Command—Start the Line-based QUEL Terminal Monitor : quel Examples
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quel Examples
This command opens the empdata database:
quel empdata
This command opens empdata and suppresses the dayfile message:
quel empdata -d
This command opens empdata, suppresses the dayfile message and the terminal monitor prompts and messages, and reads into the workspace the contents of the batchfile:
quel empdata -s <batchfile
This command opens empdata, displays f4 columns in G format with two decimal places and I1 columns with three spaces:
quel empdata -f4g12.2 -I13
After the Terminal Monitor starts, you must use its commands to execute queries and manipulate the contents of the query buffer. For a list of Terminal Monitor commands, see Terminal Monitor Command Summary. For details on these commands, see the Terminal Monitor chapter of the QUEL Reference Guide.