2. Using Ingres Commands : repdbcfg Command—Configure Multiple Mobile Databases : repdbcfg Examples
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repdbcfg Examples
1. In this example, repdbcfg is invoked against an input file containing 26 user names:
The repdbcfg utility defines 26 new full peer mobile databases, numbered 101 through 126. Connection names are in the form “mobile::charlie.” Data propagation paths are added for CDDS 50 to and from the local database and each new mobile database. If the local database number is 5, the first four paths are 5-5-101, 101-101-5, 5-5-102, and 102-102-5.
2. In this example, the repdbcfg uses the input file:
albert 201 albert 3 FP
charlie 301 charlie 4 PR
The repdbcfg utility defines four new mobile databases numbered 201, 202, 301, and 302. The first two are full peer and each has two data propagation paths for CDDS 3. The other two databases are protected read-only and each has one propagation path for CDDS 4.