2. Using Ingres Commands : report Command—Run a Report on a Table : report Examples
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report Examples
1. Run a default report based on the vendor table in the purchasing database, using a default format and redefining the page width, and send the output to the named printer:
report purchasing vendor -m -l80 -olaser2
2. Run the report contained in the source file, po_rep.rw, against the purchasing database and store the results in the po_sum.out file:
report purchasing -ipo_rep.rw -fpo_sum.out
3. Run a default report in column format on the clients table owned by mktgmgr in the sales database and eliminate duplicate rows:
report sales mktgmgr.clients -mcolumn -6
4. Run the report named recpay against the accounting database and pass in the value of the variable, title:
report accounting recpay
   (title = 'AccountsReceivable')