12. Understanding .NET Data Provider Connectivity : .NET Data Provider Classes
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.NET Data Provider Classes
The .NET Data Provider is the runtime component that provides the interface between the .NET application and Ingres or Vector.
The .NET Data Provider namespace (Ingres.Client) and its contents follow the same pattern as the Microsoft data providers.
All public static members are safe for multithreaded operations. To reduce unnecessary overhead, instance members are not guaranteed to be thread-safe. If a thread-safe operation on the instance is needed, wrap the operation in one of .NET's System.Threading synchronization methods to protect the state of the critical section of code.
The base class and interface definition for each class is provided in C# and VB.NET syntax as shown below. However, .NET's language interoperability feature allows any managed language to use the .NET Data Provider.
C#: Public sealed class IngresParameter : System.Data.Common.DbParameter, IDataParameter, IDbDataParameter, ICloneable
VB.NET: NotInheritable public class IngresParameter
Inherits System.Data.Common.DbParameter
Implements IDataParameter, IDbDataParameter, ICloneable
For more information on data provider classes, including information on other .NET language syntax and inherited methods and properties, see the Microsoft .NET Framework Developer's Guide and Microsoft .NET Framework Class Library documentation.