4. Establishing Communications
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Establishing Communications
How User Access Is Established
For users to be able to access Ingres, the following two steps are required:
1. The system administrator sets up accounts for local users, and for those remote users who access the local instance through a local account. This step is optional if an Installation Password is defined, in which case users access Ingres directly, without going through a local account. The system administrator can do this either before or after the installation procedure.
Note:  During installation, the installation owner user ID is defined. This account belongs to the Ingres administrator and is automatically authorized with maximum Ingres privileges that allow this user to perform all operations. Other user accounts can be set up after Ingres is installed.
2. After Ingres is running and the accounts are set up, the system administrator or database administrator uses the CREATE USER statement, Director, or Visual DBA to authorize the accounts that use this Ingres instance. For more information about this procedure, see the Database Administrator Guide.