A. TCP/IP Protocol
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TCP/IP Protocol
Listen Address Format
A listen address is a unique identifier used for interprocess communications. A Communications Server has two kinds of listen addresses. It uses one to receive messages from local processes and the other to receive messages from remote Communications Servers.
This section describes the format of the listen address used to receive messages from remote processes when the network protocol is TCP/IP.
Note:  To view or change your instance‚Äôs listen addresses, use the Configuration-By-Forms (cbf) utility or Configuration Manager (vcbf).
When you install Ingres Net on a machine that is using the TCP/IP protocol, the listen address has two possible formats, as follows:
Is an alphabetic character (case is not significant)
Is an alphabetic character or a decimal digit (0-9)
Is a numeric digit from 0 - 7, inclusive
Is a numeric digit. The range depends on your operating system. For specific details, see your operating system documentation.
The format ax[n] is the default format, where ax is the instance ID (found in II_INSTALLATION) and n = 0. The digit n is incremented by 1 for each successive Communications Server started in an installation. For example, if the installation has three Communications Servers using the default format for their listen addresses, the addresses are ax0, ax1, and ax2.