3. Installing and Configuring Net : How You Prepare for Installation : Network Installation and Testing : AIX SNA Services/6000 (IBM RS/6000)
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AIX SNA Services/6000 (IBM RS/6000)
Note:  This network protocol is deprecated and will be removed in a future release.
When using AIX SNA Services/6000 as the network protocol, you must create a set of configuration profiles that describe the hardware and software that are used for communications. For information on defining these profiles, see Using AIX SNA Services/6000 and AIX SNA Services/6000 Reference. An experienced SNA communications specialist must perform the configuration.
Ensure that SNA Services/6000 is fully functional before installing Ingres Net. In particular, make sure that the SNA subsystem and the network attachment that is to be used can be started using the startsrc console command. Using AIX SNA Services/6000 contains details on the use of this command.
The appendix “AIX SNA Services/6000 Configuration Profiles” contains sample excerpts from configuration profiles showing examples of those profiles that must be specifically tailored for Ingres Net. Once these profiles are defined and Ingres Net is installed on both the local and remote machines, use the startsrc command to start up the connection that you have configured. This is not necessary for Ingres Net operations, but it helps to verify that the configuration profiles are correct before attempting to actually run Ingres Net.