11. Understanding JDBC Connectivity : JDBC Implementation Considerations : Database Procedures : Additional Parameter Considerations
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Additional Parameter Considerations
Ingres supports the parameter attributes IN, OUT, and INOUT when creating database procedures. When invoking a database procedure, the JDBC Driver marks a parameter as IN when an input value is set using a CallableStatement.setXXX() method. Registering a parameter for output using a CallableStatement registerOutParameter() method will mark the parameter as OUT. Setting a value and registering for output will mark a parameter as INOUT. All dynamic parameters must have an input value assigned and/or be registered for output prior to executing the procedure.
Ingres database procedure parameters can also be passed by value or reference when not explicitly marked with IN, OUT, or INOUT attributes. The JDBC Driver treats parameters passed by value as IN parameters, and parameters passed by reference (BYREF) as INOUT parameters. If an input value is not provided for a parameter registered for output, the driver sends a NULL value of the output type registered for that parameter.
Ingres Global Temporary Table procedure parameters are specified by providing a parameter value in the form session.table_name. In this parameter, table_name is the name of the Global Temporary Table, and 'session.' identifies the parameter as a Global Temporary Table parameter.