K. IPv6 Configuration : Options for Disabling IPv6 Support : Back Out IPv6 Support
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Back Out IPv6 Support
To completely back out IPv6 support, you must use the old driver, which supports IPv4 only. The old driver is renamed to tcp_ipv4 on UNIX and Linux, and is wintcp on Windows. The old driver is expected to be made obsolete in a future release of Ingres.
To back out the enhanced tcp_ip Ingres protocol driver
1. Back out network protocol for servers with tcp_ip.status = ON
Linux, UNIX, Windows:
iisetres ii.machine.gcc.*.tcp_ip.status OFF        (All platforms)
iisetres ii.machine.gcc.*.tcp_ipv4.status ON       (Unix/Linux)
iisetres ii.machine.gcc.*.tcp_ipv4.port II         (Unix/Linux)
iisetres ii.machine.gcc.*.wintcp.status ON         (Windows)
iisetres ii.machine.gcd.*.tcp_ip.status OFF        (All platforms)
iisetres ii.machine.gcd.*.tcp_ipv4.status ON       (Unix/Linux)
iisetres ii.machine.gcd.*.tcp_ipv4.port II7        (Unix/Linux)
iisetres ii.machine.gcd.*.wintcp.status ON         (Windows)
Set the port value to same as that used by the same server for tcp_ip.
define/group II_TCPIP_VERSION 4
define/system II_TCPIP_VERSION 4
2. Back out local IPC protocol (Linux and UNIX only):
ingsetenv II_GC_PROT tcp_ipv4
3. Back out network and local IPC protocol (Linux and UNIX only):
ingsetenv II_TCPIP_VERSION 4
Note:  This step is equivalent to steps 1 and 2 above, and is the simplest way to back out to the IPv4-only driver on Linux and UNIX.