3. Installing and Configuring Net : How You Install Net : Create Password Validation Program (UNIX)
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Create Password Validation Program (UNIX)
On UNIX, the Ingres DBMS Server uses the ingvalidpw program to validate shadow passwords. This executable is created at installation time or loaded from the distribution media.
The mkvalidpw script tries to recompile the ingvalidpw program if your machine has a C compiler available; otherwise it copies the supplied ingvalidpw program to the $II_SYSTEM/ingres/bin directory. The mkvalidpw script also sets the II_SHADOW_PWD variable in the Ingres symbol.tbl to enable shadow password validation.
To create the ingvalidpw program
1. Log in as root.
2. Set the II_SYSTEM and PATH variables to the same values as those for the user account that owns the installation.
3. Run the mkvalidpw script, located in the directory $II_SYSTEM/ingres/bin, as follows:
The ingvalidpw executable is created.
4. Shut down and restart the Name Server.
The ingvalidpw program is ready for operation.