10. Understanding ODBC Connectivity : ODBC Programming : Database Procedure Execution
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Database Procedure Execution
If the database procedure has no parameters, the procedure can be executed in a straightforward manner using SQLExecDirect():
SQLExecDirect( hstmt, "execute procedure myDbProc", SQL_NTS );
If the database procedure requires parameters, ODBC "escape sequence" syntax must be used. The ODBC uses escape sequence syntax to signify to the ODBC Driver Manager that implementation of the syntax in question is to be performed in a way that is specific to the driver.
The general form of escape syntax for database procedures is:
{ retcode = call dbproc [ ( ? ) [ , ( ? ) ... ] }
The ODBC Driver supports the following Ingres database procedures:
Input parameters
BYREF parameters
Returned rows
Procedure return values