J. Netu Procedures : Remote Node Definition Operations : How You Change Remote Node Definitions : Delete Old and Add New Definition
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Delete Old and Add New Definition
Use this procedure when there are two or more remote node definitions (at the same node) that are associated with the vnode name belonging to the definition that you want to change.
When the merge option has been used to set up several node definitions that use the same vnode name, you must be very careful when changing one of these definitions. You cannot overwrite the incorrect definition using the add option as in Overwrite an Existing Definition (see page Overwrite an Existing Definition). If you try to do this, netu overwrites all of the definitions that have the specified vnode name, effectively deleting them all and leaving you with only the definition you have just added.
To safely change a node definition that has a vnode name in common with other node definitions, you must delete the old definition and use merge to add the new definition.
To delete an old definition and add a new one
1. Start netu by entering netu at the operating system prompt.
The main menu appears.
2. Select N (Modify Node Entry) from the menu.
The following prompt appears:
Enter operation (add, merge, del, show, exit):
3. Enter del. (Enter d instead of del.)
4. Answer the prompts that appear with the values from the definition you want to change.
When all the prompts are answered, netu deletes the node definition that has the values that you have just supplied and Enters you to the prompt:
Enter operation (add, merge, del, show, exit):
5. Enter merge. (Enter m instead of merge.)
6. Answer the prompts that appear with the values for the correct definition.
The utility adds a node definition with the values that you have just supplied and displays the following prompt:
Enter operation (add, merge, del, show, exit):
7. Continue with node definition tasks or Enter to the main netu menu by choosing exit.