J. Netu Procedures : Remote Node Definition Operations : Delete Remote Node Definitions
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Delete Remote Node Definitions
To remove a remote node definition from a local node, the netu utility allows you to remove one or several definitions at a time. When you select the operation that deletes node definitions, netu responds with a series of prompts. When you have answered all the prompts, netu deletes all node definitions that match the answers you supplied.
To remove several definitions at once, use the asterisk (*) in response to the appropriate prompt. This is a wild card character that matches any entry. For example, if you want to remove all private node definitions for the vnode name “general,” complete the deletion procedure, responding to the prompts in the following manner:
Enter Private or Global (P): <Enter>
Enter the vnode name of the remote node: general
Enter the node address of the remote node: *
Enter the network software type:
Enter the remote node address: *
Enter the remote Ingres/Net server listen address:
appropriate address
You cannot answer with an asterisk in response to the Global or Private prompt.
To remove node definitions from the local Communications Server
1. Start netu by entering netu at the operating system prompt.
The netu menu appears.
2. Select N (Modify Node Entry) from the menu.
The following prompt appears:
Enter command (add, merge, del, show, exit):
3. Enter del. (Type d in place of del.)
4. When netu asks you to specify if the definition is a private or global definition, do one of the following steps:
If the node definition is private, press Enter.
If the node definition is global, enter G. You must be a user with Ingres privileges to select G.
5. Enter the vnode name of the remote node. Enter the network software type.
This is the name of the protocol that the remote node is using. Valid entries are described in Network Protocol Keywords (see page Network Protocol Keywords).
6. Enter the node address of the remote node.
7. Enter the listen address of the remote node’s Communications Server.
Netu removes the node definition(s) from the local Communications Server and displays the following prompt:
Enter command (add, merge, del, show, exit):
8. Select another operation, or Enter to the netu menu by entering exit.