K. IPv6 Configuration : Examples of Disabling IPv6 Support
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Examples of Disabling IPv6 Support
In the following examples, assume: machine=host1, Ingres instance ID=AA, startup count is 1 for Ingres Net and Data Access Server.
1. Revert to the old IPv4-only driver
Linux and UNIX:
ingsetenv II_GC_PROT tcp_ipv4
iisetres ii.host1.gcc.*.tcp_ip.status OFF
iisetres ii.host1.gcc.*.tcp_ipv4.status ON
iisetres ii.host1.gcc.*.tcp_ipv4.port AA
iisetres ii.host1.gcd.*.tcp_ip.status OFF
iisetres ii.host1.gcd.*.tcp_ipv4.status ON
iisetres ii.host1.gcd.*.tcp_ipv4.port AA7
iisetres ii.host1.gcc.*.tcp_ip.status OFF
iisetres ii.host1.gcc.*.wintcp.status ON
iisetres ii.host1.gcd.*.tcp_ip.status OFF
iisetres ii.host1.gcd.*.wintcp.status ON
Note:  wintcp port is typically already set correctly on Windows.
define/group II_TCPIP_VERSION 4
define/sys II_TCPIP_VERSION 4
Optionally, set the “lnm” (logical name) attribute to cause II_TCPIP_VERSION to be defined when the servers start up:
iisetres ii.machine.lnm.ii_tcpip_version 4
2. Restrict all remote communications to IPv4 addresses only on Windows, Unix or Linux:
ingsetenv II_TCPIP_VERSION 4