3. Installing and Configuring Net : How You Prepare for Installation : Network Installation and Testing : HP-UX SNAplus (HP-UX 9.0)
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HP-UX SNAplus (HP-UX 9.0)
Note:  This network protocol is deprecated and will be removed in a future release.
When using HP-UX SNAplus (LU6.2) as the network protocol, you must configure the links, connections, Modes, Remote APPC LUs, Local APPC LUs, and Invocable TPs associated with Ingres Net connections. For information on the configuration procedure, see the HP SNA Products Remote System Configuration Guide, the HP-UX SNAplusLink Administrator’s Guide, and the HP-UX SNAplusAPI Administrator’s Guide.
For more detailed information on configuration, see the appendix "Netu Procedures" in this guide. An experienced SNA communications specialist must perform the configuration.
You must test HP-UX SNAplus fully before installing Ingres Net. For guidance, see the sample programs in /usr/lib/sna/samples.
If the SNAplus control daemon is restarted, any Communications Servers that are using the protocol must also be restarted.