7. Troubleshooting Connectivity : How You Diagnose Connectivity Problems
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How You Diagnose Connectivity Problems
Often, the most difficult task in problem solving is determining the origin of the problem. Sometimes the circumstances of the problem point to a particular cause. For example, if only one user on a node is experiencing an Ingres Net connection problem, that user’s vnode entries are probably incorrect. Some problems, however, leave more ambiguous clues.
To determine the origin of a problem, follow these steps:
1. Examine the error file, errlog.log. Ingres logs DBMS error messages, Ingres Net error messages, and Communications Server startup and shutdown messages to this log.
The default location for the errlog.log file is:
Windows: %II_SYSTEM%\ingres\files\errlog.log
UNIX: $II_SYSTEM/ingres/files/errlog.log 
Often the error message provides sufficient information to determine the origin of the problem.
2. Examine any of the optional logs or tracing facilities, if set up in your installation.
3. Perform the General Ingres Net Installation Check described next if examining the error messages does not pinpoint the origin of the problem.
If you are having password or other security or permission problems with Ingres Net, use the procedure in Security and Permission Errors to resolve them.