9. Configuring the Data Access Server : How You Enable Data Access Server Tracing
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How You Enable Data Access Server Tracing
As a GCA-based server, the DAS (iigcd) is a companion to the Name Server (iigcn) and the Communications Server (iigcc), and supports GCA tracing and other similar module tracing.
To enable DAS tracing, use any of these methods:
Add entries to the Ingres configuration file (config.dat) in the gcd section. This method is preferred because it allows trace output from multiple servers to be logged in the same file.
Set the environment variables prior to starting the server.
Enable tracing dynamically by using the iimonitor set trace command. This command overrides trace settings in the config.dat and environment variables. For details, see the iimonitor set trace command in the Command Reference Guide.
As a general rule, use the config.dat file for server tracing and the environment variables for client tracing.
The entries or values you must supply are as follows:
File Entry
Environment Variable
Path and file name of the trace log
0 – 5
Tracing level for the DAS