10. Understanding ODBC Connectivity : Ingres ODBC and Distributed Transactions (Windows) : How You Enable the Use of Distributed Transactions through the ODBC Driver
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How You Enable the Use of Distributed Transactions through the ODBC Driver
To use distributed transactions through the ODBC Driver and to maintain security within Windows, the Ingres DBA must register the ODBC driver to Windows, and the Windows MSDTC account must be enabled and registered to Ingres.
To enable the use of distributed transactions
1. Enable XA Transactions:
Select Start, Control Panel, System and Security, Administrative Tools, Component Services, Computers, My Computer, Distributed Transaction Coordinator, (right-click) Local DTC, Properties, Security tab, Enable XA Transactions.
2. Add to the Windows registry the DLL name of the ODBC Driver (caiiod35.dll). (Windows XP SP2 and later requires that the DLL name of a MSDTC XA Resource Manager be defined in the Windows registry to enhance the security of the system.)
Note:  This step is not necessary if distributed transactions (SQL_ATTR_ENLIST_IN_DTC feature of the driver) will not be used.
To register the ODBC Driver, add the following entry to HKLM\Microsoft\MSDTC\XADLL:
caiiod35.dll REG_SZ C:\Program Files\Actian\IngresII\ingres\bin\caiiod35.dll
3. Ensure that the Network Service account on Windows is authorized to access Ingres. (During recovery operations, the MSDTC proxy calls the ODBC driver under the NetworkService account on Windows.)
Register the Network Service account with the Ingres Name Service. Using Visual DBA or accessdb utilities, add “networkservice” as an Ingres user. Only the name for the user account is required; no privileges are required.