12. Understanding .NET Data Provider Connectivity : IngresDataReader Object—Retrieve Data from the Database : IngresDataReader Methods
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IngresDataReader Methods
Use the Read method of the IngresDataReader object to obtain a row from the results of the query. To access each column of the returned row, pass the name or ordinal reference of the column to the IngresDataReader.
For best performance, the IngresDataReader provides a series of methods that allow you to access column values in their native data types (GetDateTime, GetDouble, GetGuid, GetInt32, and so on). For a list of typed accessor methods, see the IngresDataReader Class (see page IngresDataReader Class). Use the typed accessor when you know the underlying data type. When using a type accessor, use the correct accessor to avoid an InvalidCastException being thrown when no type conversions are performed.