8. Exploring Bridge : Ingres Bridge : Installation Configurations That Require Bridge
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Installation Configurations That Require Bridge
Ingres Bridge is required in any installation configuration where the client and server processes do not reside on the same machine and the client machine is on one type of local area network and the server machine is on another type of network.
Ingres Bridge runs on an intermediate platform between the client and the server; the intermediate platform must support both the client and the server network protocols. Ingres Bridge runs as a stand-alone installation or as a part of an Ingres client or server installation.
Ingres Star provides a similar network bridging capability. Ingres Star is required when the user views different physical databases as a single logical database. Ingres Bridge must be used when this is not the case, and the user wants to connect a client and server that run on different network protocols. Ingres Bridge has a fairly small “footprint” and has little impact on response time.