C. SNA LU62 Protocol : Listen Address Format : MVS
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When you install Ingres Net on an MVS system, the listen address is determined by the IGWFPSVR macro:
Is the instance ID, found in II_INSTALLATION
Is the ACB name defined for the Net LU6.2 application in the VTAM APPL statement
In the APPL statement, you can specify the ACB name by using the ACBNAME parameter or by omitting ACBNAME. If you omit ACBNAME, the label on the APPL statement is used as the ACB name.
Connection Data Entry Information:
Protocol: sna_lu62
Network address: lu_name[.mode_name]
Is the name of the LU on the remote instance that supports the Net SNA_LU62 protocol driver.
If the remote instance is on an MVS system, the lu_name is the minor node name for the target Net LU6.2 application. This is usually, but not always, the ACB name.
If the remote instance is on a Sun-4 system, the lu_name is any LU defined for the SunLink SNA Peer-to-Peer Gateway.
Default: None.
Is the SNA logon mode name to be used for sessions with the remote instance.
Default: The mode name specified in the LOGMODE parameter of the IGWFPSVR macro.
Listen Address: tp_name
Is the transaction program name that is used by the Net SNA_LU62 protocol driver on the server node. If the remote instance is on an MVS system, there is no transaction program name. Enter “x”. For all other systems, the tp_name must be the transaction program name specified in the remote instance. This is generally found in the remote instance’s listen address.