11. Understanding JDBC Connectivity : JDBC Implementation Considerations : Database Procedures : Named and Unnamed Parameters
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Named and Unnamed Parameters
Parameters can be named or unnamed, but mixing of named and unnamed parameters is not allowed. Dynamic parameters can also be named using CallableStatement methods introduced with JDBC 3.0. Literals can only be named using the syntax provided above. All Ingres database procedure parameters are named.
When connecting to an Ingres 9.x or earlier DBMS Server, the use of named procedure parameters is encouraged. (Using named parameters improves performance by eliminating a query of the database catalog to assign names to the parameters based on the declared order of the procedure parameters.) When connecting to an Ingres 10 or later DBMS Server, named procedure parameters are not required.
The JDBC Driver provides support for parameter default values by allowing parameter values to be omitted. This support is intended primarily for ODBC positional parameters. For Ingres named parameters, default values can be used simply by omitting the parameter entirely.