2. Exploring Net : Net and Bridge Users
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Net and Bridge Users
At a site, several levels of users are often defined by the tasks and responsibilities they have within the installation. For installations with Ingres Net and Ingres Bridge, these levels are:
Operating system administrator
The operating system administrator sets up the operating system environment in which Ingres is installed. This person is the owner of the operating system account (for example, root in UNIX, system in VMS), which provides all permissions and privileges available from the operating system.
Network administrator
The network administrator is responsible for the physical installation and maintenance of the network. These responsibilities include designing a network configuration that provides optimal user and database access, and installing and maintaining the necessary hardware and software.
System administrator
The system administrator is the owner of the user account that provides permissions in the Ingres environment. Responsibilities include installing and maintaining Ingres and Ingres Net, authorizing user access, and maintaining and troubleshooting the installation.
Database administrator (DBA)
Each database in an installation has a DBA who is responsible for maintaining and tuning the database, granting permission to access objects in the database (such as tables and views), and backup and recovery of the database.
End users
An end user is anyone who uses the instance and is not an operating system administrator, system administrator, DBA, or user with special privileges.
A person may have responsibilities at more than one level. For example, a user can be the database administrator of one database and simply an end user of another.
Users at the system administrator, database administrator, and end user levels have specific Ingres Net responsibilities.