2. Exploring Net : Net and Other Ingres-related Products : Net and Enterprise Access and EDBC Products
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Net and Enterprise Access and EDBC Products
Enterprise Access and EDBC products allow you to use Ingres tools, interfaces, and applications to access data stored in non-Ingres databases by translating queries into forms that are understood by the non-Ingres databases. Consequently, you can perform operations and queries on files stored in these non-Ingres databases as if they were Ingres tables.
A sample installation configuration uses Ingres Net and EDBC to database 2 (DB2). The installation is on node_a, a VMS implementation of the Ingres tools.
An installation on node_b is EDBC to DB2 on an MVS environment. The two nodes communicate using the SNA LU0 protocol. Ingres Net is present on both nodes. Users on node_a can access DB2 data on node_b as if the DB2 tables were Ingres tables stored on node_a.
Note:  MVS refers to all IBM MVS-based operating systems, including OS/390 and z/OS.
For a detailed discussion of Enterprise Access or EDBC architecture, see the guides for your specific Enterprise Access or EDBC product.