J. Netu Procedures : Netu User Interface
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Netu User Interface
The netu user interface’s primary component is a menu that appears when you start netu. The menu looks like this:
Select one of the following:
Q <Comm_Server_Id> - Quiesce Ingres/Net
S <Comm_Server_Id> - Stop Ingres/Net
N - Modify Node Entry
A - Modify Remote Authorization Entry
E - Exit
Remember these tips when using netu:
The netu user interface is not case sensitive. When you make a selection from the main menu, use either an upper- or lowercase entry for the selection.
Press Enter after every response you make or every menu item that you select.
The netu utility does not check for valid entries in response to prompts. Make sure your entries are accurate.
Abort an operation by pressing Esc and Enter.