10. Understanding ODBC Connectivity : ODBC Call-level Interface
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ODBC Call-level Interface
The ODBC Call-level Interface (ODBC CLI) provides access to the ODBC application environment without the need to use third-party software. It is installed when you install the ODBC Driver and is supported on all platforms on which Ingres and Vector run.
The ODBC CLI performs the following functions:
Optionally determines driver characteristics from ODBC configuration files
Loads and unloads the ODBC driver into and from application memory
Maps the driver manager API to the driver API
Performs basic error checking
Provides thread safety
Provides ODBC tracing
Provides function templates, type definitions, and constant definitions for ODBC applications
Provides connection pooling, which allows connections to be shared in ODBC applications.
Note:  The ODBC CLI is not a generic ODBC driver manager. While it does provide functions similar to other ODBC driver managers, it is designed specifically to support ODBC-based application access to the Ingres/Vector 3.5 ODBC driver. It does not support Ingres/Vector ODBC drivers provided by third-party vendors.
The ODBC CLI is available on all supported platforms except Windows. The iiodbcadmin utility configures ODBC Data Source Definitions for the CLI. For more information, see Configure a Data Source (UNIX and VMS) (see page Configure a Data Source (UNIX and VMS)).