10. Understanding ODBC Connectivity : ODBC Driver Requirements : ODBC Driver Names
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ODBC Driver Names
The ODBC Driver is installed with the driver names “Ingres” and “Ingres xx", where xx is the value of II_INSTALLATION. Thus, regardless of the Ingres version or location, the driver name “Ingres” always references the most recent installation of the ODBC Driver, and "Ingres xx" is the name of the driver associated with an Ingres installation with an instance ID of "xx". Read-only drivers are named "Ingres Read Only" and "Ingres xx Read Only."
If multiple versions of Ingres are installed on the same machine, we recommend to always reference the "Ingres xx" driver in connection strings or when creating an ODBC data source name; otherwise, subsequent installations or upgrades may corrupt the driver path defined by the driver name "Ingres". If the machine has only one Ingres installation, "Ingres" or "Ingres xx" can be used.