J. Netu Procedures : Netu Options for Stopping the Communications Server : Obtain GCF Address
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Obtain GCF Address
The GCF address is the Ingres-specific symbolic address that the Communications Server uses to communicate with local Ingres processes. This address is also called the GCA address.
You must know the Communications Server’s GCF address before you can stop the server. Use the iinamu utility to obtain this address.
To obtain the GCF address
1. Enter the following command at the operating system prompt:
The iinamu menu appears.
2. Enter this command:
show comsvr
The utility displays a list of Communications Servers running in the installation, in the format:
The GCF address is the value in the third column.
3. Note the GCF address shown in the display, and then enter quit.
You exit the utility.