C. SNA LU62 Protocol : Listen Address Format : RS/6000
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When you install Ingres Net on a RS/6000 that is using the SNA LU62 protocol, the listen address has the format:
[/pathname/] connection_profile.tp_profile.tp_name
Is the name of the SNA device driver.
Default: dev/sna
connection_profile tp_profile
Refers to the names of configuration profiles that must be defined before running Ingres Net.
For information on how to define these profiles, see Using AIX SNA Services/6000 and AIX SNA Services/6000 Reference.
The AIX SNA Services/6000 Configuration Profiles appendix contains samples of connection and tp profiles suitable for Ingres Net.
Is the transaction program name used by the listening process
Connection Data Entry Information:
Protocol: sna_lu62
Network address: connection_profile
The connection_profile is a profile defined by AIX SNA Services/6000 configuration utilities for sessions between the AIX client and the remote instance. There is no default for the connection_profile.
Listen Address: tp_name
Is the transaction program name that is used by the Net SNA_LU62 protocol driver on the server node. If the remote instance is on an MVS system, there is no transaction program name. Enter x. For all other systems, the tp_name must be the transaction program name specified in the remote instance. This is generally found in the remote instance’s listen address.