J. Netu Procedures : Remote User Authorization Operations
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Remote User Authorization Operations
Remote user authorizations, along with node definitions, make it possible to use Ingres Net to access databases on remote nodes. A remote user authorization associates a specified vnode name with a specified account on the remote node. When the user requests a connection using that vnode name, Ingres Net makes the connection to the DBMS Server on the remote node through that account.
Three operations concern remote user authorizations:
Adding new remote user authorizations
Deleting existing authorizations
Viewing existing authorizations
In addition, change an existing authorization by overwriting the authorization or by deleting it and adding a new authorization.
To perform any of these operations, you must have the following information about the authorization:
The type of the authorization, private or global
The vnode name of the remote node
The name of the account on the remote node
The password for the account on the remote node