J. Netu Procedures : Remote Node Definition Operations : Retrieve Remote Node Definition Information
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Retrieve Remote Node Definition Information
To see the remote node definitions associated with a particular local node, the following procedure asks for information about the definitions and displays all the definitions that match the information you provide.
Use an asterisk in response to any prompt other than the one asking if the definition is private or global. An asterisk is the wild card character that matches any value.
To retrieve remote node definition information
1. Start netu by entering netu at the operating system prompt.
The netu menu appears.
2. Select N (Modify Node Entry) from the menu.
This prompt appears:
Enter operation (add, merge, del, show, exit):
3. Enter show. (Type s instead of show.)
4. When netu asks if the entry you want to see is a private or global entry, do one of the following:
If the entry is private, press Enter.
If the entry is global, enter G.
5. Enter the vnode name of the remote node definition.
6. Enter the network software type.
7. Enter the remote node’s address.
8. Enter the listen address of the remote node’s Communications Server.
The utility displays all of the definitions that match the information that you gave. If you used an asterisk as a wild card for any of the prompts, you receive more than one definition. The definitions appear in table format. You cannot change any node name definition while it is displayed in this format.
After the definition or list of definitions is displayed, the utility displays the following prompt:
Enter operation (add, merge, del, show, exit):
9. Continue with node definition tasks or choose exit to Enter to the netu menu.