8. Exploring Bridge : Sample Bridge Server Configuration
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Sample Bridge Server Configuration
The following is a sample Bridge Server setup for a client on Windows to an EDBC for DB2 server on z/OS by means of Ingres Bridge on Solaris. The client supports TCP/IP and the DB2 server supports SNA LU62. Ingres Bridge supports both network protocols.
The following examples show pertinent excerpts from the files.
Client on Windows—This connection between the client and Ingres Bridge is supported by TCP/IP. The following excerpt is for the client:
VNODE Definition:
  Virtual Node       = db2gw
  Remote Node        = abc
  Protocol           = tcp_ip
  Listen Address     = CC7 (matches Bridge listen address below)
  Username           = johnm (userid in DB2 Gateway)
  Password           = xxxxxx

User invokes terminal monitor:
   SQL db2gw::db23/db2
Bridge on Solaris—This connection between Ingres Bridge and the EDBC for DB2 server is supported by SNA LU62. The following excerpt is for Ingres Bridge:
hostname = abc
Ingres Variables:
config.dat file:
  ii.abc.gcb.*.inbound_limit:      50(max concurrent sessions)
  ii.abc.gcb.*.tcp_ip.port:        CC
  ii.abc.gcb.*.tcp_ip.port.bvdb2gw CC7 (Bridge listen address)
      ("bvdb2gw" is vnode for DB2 Gateway in netutil below)
  ii.abc.gcb.*.tcp_ip.status:      ON
  ii.abc.gcb.*.sna_lu62.poll:      4000
  ii.abc.gcb.*.sna_lu62.port:      abcgw0.sunlu62
     ("abcgw0" is gateway name in /etc/appcs below,
      "sunlu62" can be anything in this case)
  ii.abc.gcb.*.sna_lu62.status:    ON
netutil entry:
  Virtual Node      = bvdb2gw        
  Net Address       = s2 (matches unique_session_name below) 
  Protocol          = sna_lu62
  Listen Address    = sunlu62 (anything OK here)
/etc/appcs file: (Sun SNA server config file)
  abcgw0 abc:abcgw0
Sun SNA network config file:
  fql_plu_name   = A04IS2G2 (VTAM applid for DB2 Gateway)
  u_plu_name     = A04IS2G2 (VTAM applid for DB2 Gateway)
  mode_name     = INGLU62
  unique_session_name = s2
System Administrator starts the Name Server and Bridge Server
  ingstart -iigcn
  ingstart -iigcb
Server on z/OS—The following excerpt is for the server:
VTAM Config:
  Applid for DB2 Gateway   = A04IS2G2
  Acbname for DB2 Gateway  = IIS2GWS2
DB2 Gateway IIPSERV file:
DB2 Gateway IIPARM file: