10. Understanding ODBC Connectivity : ODBC Programming : Scrollable Cursors
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Scrollable Cursors
The ODBC driver supports scrollable cursors through SQLFetchScroll() and SQLSetPos().
The driver supports static (read-only) and keyset-driven (updatable) cursor types. These cursor types allow the cursor to be positioned in any direction within a result set.
Static and keyset-driven cursors support the position directives described in SQLFetchScroll (see page SQLFetchScroll()—Fetch from a Scrollable Cursor). In contrast, forward-only cursors support only SQL_FETCH_NEXT.
Note:  Static and keyset-driven cursors can be used only if the target database is Ingres 9.2 and later. For Ingres databases prior to 9.2, the Cursor Library can be used to simulate these types of cursors.