3. Installing and Configuring Net : How You Prepare for Installation : Setup Parameters for Net : Setup Parameters for a Client Installation
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Setup Parameters for a Client Installation
If you are installing Ingres Net on a non-NFS client installation, you are asked for the following information.
Installation Code
An installer-defined, two-character code that identifies this installation.
Ingres default: II
Vector default: VW
Vector in Hadoop default: VH
Client Runtime default: CR
Windows and UNIX: The first character must be a letter; the second character can be a letter or numeral. If there is more than one installation on the same node, each installation must have a unique installation code.
VMS: This parameter applies only to group-level installations. System level installations are assigned an internal code of “aa”.
Make sure that the first letter of your group-level installation code is not “a” and not in use by another group-level installation in the node.
Region and Time Zone
The region of the world and the time zone in which this client installation is located. You must enter these values even if they are the same as for this client’s DBMS Server (host) node.
Default on some systems: NA-PACIFIC.
NFS clients are prompted only for the Installation Password. For detailed information on running Setup for NFS clients, see the Installation Guide.
Note:   If you are setting up NFS clients from the server installation, you are not prompted to set up a remote user authorization entry. You must set up your remote user authorization entries using netutil after you have completed the installation procedure. For instructions on setting up a remote user authorization using netutil, see the chapter "Establishing Communications."