C. SNA LU62 Protocol : Listen Address Format : Solaris
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When you install Ingres Net on a Solaris system that is using the SNA LU62 protocol, the listen address has the format:
Is the name of the SunLink SNA Peer-to-Peer Gateway
This name must match a gateway_name contained in the /etc/appcs file or NIS database, as described in the SunLink SNA Peer-to-Peer Administrator's Guide.
Is the transaction program name used by the listening process. The name is an arbitrary string of up to 16 characters.
The rate at which Ingres Net polls for incoming connection requests can be controlled through the Ingres configuration variable (in config.dat file) ii.<host>.gcc.*.sna_lu62.poll (xx is the instance ID.) This specifies the polling rate in milliseconds. The polling rate defaults to 4000 (4 seconds); values smaller than this are not recommended. If there are no incoming connection requests, you can inhibit polling by setting the environment variable to the special value of -1.
Connection Data Entry Information:
Protocol: sna_lu62
Network address: session_name
Is the unique session name defined to the SunLink SNA Peer-to-Peer Gateway for sessions between the Sun-4 client and the remote server instance. Default: None
Listen Address: tp_name
Is the transaction program name that is used by the Net SNA_LU62 protocol driver on the server node. If the remote instance is on an MVS system, there is no transaction program name. Enter x. For all other systems, the tp_name must match the transaction program name specified in the remote server instance. This is generally found in the remote server instance’s listen address for SNA_LU62.