3. Installing and Configuring Net : How You Prepare for Installation : Network Installation and Testing : SunLink SNA Peer-to-Peer Installation (Solaris and Sun-4)
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SunLink SNA Peer-to-Peer Installation (Solaris and Sun-4)
Note:  This network protocol is deprecated and will be removed in a future release.
When using SunLink SNA Peer-to-Peer (LU 62) as the network protocol, you must set up the appc Gateway configuration files to define the SNA Logical Unit (LU) and Physical Unit (PU) resources associated with Ingres Net connections. For information on setting up this configuration file, see the SunLink SNA Peer-to-Peer Administrator’s Guide.
The “SunLink Gateway Configuration Files” appendix contains sample excerpts from configuration files. An experienced SNA communications specialist must perform the configuration.
If using independent LUs, make sure (in SunLink SNA Peer-to-Peer Release 7.x) that you start the cnos_local and cnos_remote processes in addition to starting and configuring the appc Gateway process.
Test SunLink SNA Peer-to-Peer fully before installing Ingres Net. Use the SunLink SNA test_p2p program to perform testing.
Ingres Net does not currently support the Physical Unit Management Services (PUMS) that SunLink SNA provides.