3. Installing and Configuring Net : How You Prepare for Installation : Network Installation and Testing : TCP/IP Services Installation (VMS)
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TCP/IP Services Installation (VMS)
To install Ingres Net for VMS with TCP/IP as its network protocol, you must first install TCP/IP Services on VMS. To use symbolic node names (host names) of a remote host instead of its numeric IP address, you must either configure TCP/IP to utilize a Domain Name Server configuration or add a list of IP addresses and corresponding symbolic node names host names) of all remote hosts that are referred to by host name in the TCP$HOST file.
Establish aliases for node names in the TCP$HOST file. This is useful if the node name contains characters that are not accepted by Ingres Net. For information about how to establish aliases, see VMS documentation.
Test TCP/IP fully before installing Ingres Net. You must be able to connect to other nodes on the network using telnet and ftp commands. The connection can be tested with a TCPIP PING command, or use the telnet utility to connect to the node. If the connection succeeds, you are ready to add the nodes to the Ingres installation using netutil.
For more information, see the chapter Establishing Communications and the VMS documentation on TCP/IP services.
Note:  TCP/IP Services for OpenVMS, formerly UCX, is often still referred to as UCX.