K. IPv6 Configuration : TCP/IP and Ingres Communications
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TCP/IP and Ingres Communications
On all platforms, Ingres Net typically uses TCP/IP to communicate between Ingres installations. A typical scenario is where applications in the client installation communicate through Ingres Net with the DBMS Server in the server installation. If using JDBC or .NET applications with Ingres, then TCP/IP is used to communicate between the Ingres JDBC or .NET driver running under the application and the Data Access Server (process iigcd).
On Linux and UNIX only, TCP/IP is typically used to communicate between Ingres processes—that is, as the local IPC. The tcp_ip protocol driver used for network communications is used for local communications also. Therefore, if you experience trouble with IPv6 across the network, local communications are likely to have trouble too. If so, basic Ingres server processes such as the Name Server (iigcn) and the DBMS Server (iidbms) may not even start.