10. Understanding ODBC Connectivity : Ingres ODBC and Distributed Transactions (Windows) : Troubleshooting Distributed Transactions through ODBC
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Troubleshooting Distributed Transactions through ODBC
[Microsoft][ODBC Driver Manager] Failed to enlist on calling object's transaction
Possible actions include:
Check that the MSDTC service is running.
Select Start, Settings, Control Panel, Administrative Tools, Services, MSDTC.
Check the Windows Event Viewer's application and system logs for any MS DTC messages.
Check for messages in the client machine's Ingres log on $II_SYSTEM\ingres\files\errlog.log.
Check for messages in the server machine's Ingres log.
If using MTS, check the MTS Transaction Timeout value:
1. Start the MS Transaction Server Explorer.
2. Select Computers.
3. Right-click the computer (often My Computer) where the transaction was initiated.
4. Click the Options property tab.
It is unlikely that the component's transaction aborted due to transaction time-out (default is 60 seconds) before the database enlistment is completed. However, if your transaction takes an unusually long time to enlist, you might consider increasing the Transaction Timeout value.
DTC transaction recovery is not working as expected
If DTC transaction recovery is not working as expected, check the Windows event viewer log/application screen for MS DTC messages. Also check the Ingres error log file %II_SYSTEM%\ingres\files\errlog.log on both the client and server machines.
To turn on the display of error messages and tracing of Ingres XA transaction processing
Issue this command:
ingsetenv II_XA_TRACE_FILE "C:\mydir\xatrace.log"
Ingres XA tracing should normally be turned off (ingunset II_XA_TRACE_FILE) because the trace output can accumulate to a significant volume over time.
For information on how to respond to relevant error messages, see Microsoft Knowledge Base Document 415863.