K. IPv6 Configuration : Options for Disabling IPv6 Support : Use IPv4 Addresses Only
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Use IPv4 Addresses Only
The tcp_ip protocol driver can be restricted to listen and connect only with IPv4 style addresses. (IPv4 is the standard IP version that was used prior to IPv6).
To restrict the tcp_ip protocol driver to use IPv4 addresses only:
Use any one of the following options, which are functionally equivalent:
Set the II_TCP_VERSON operating system variable as follows:
Linux and UNIX:
Set the Ingres II_TCPIP_VERSION environment variable as follows:
ingsetenv II_TCPIP_VERSION 4
Linux and UNIX:
ingsetenv II_TCPIP_VERSION 46
Set the Ingres resource as follows:
If using Ingres Net:
iisetres ii.machine.gcc.*.tcp_ip.version 4
If using Data Access Server:
iisetres ii.machine.gcd.*.tcp_ip.version 4
(VMS only) (Optional) Set the “lnm” (logical name) attribute to cause II_TCPIP_VERSION to be defined when the servers start up:
iisetres ii.machine.lnm.ii_tcpip_version 4