E. DECnet Protocol : Listen Address Format : VMS
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A DECnet listen address is a DECnet object and has the format:
where :
The instance ID, found in II_INSTALLATION.
The instance ID is only present for group level installations.
A five-digit number that you specify when you install Net. The default for this number is 0.
The default listen address is II_GCC[xx]_0.
In netutil, the network address prompt is in DECnet node name in character form. You can specify the node address and name in the format
area-number.node_number (for example: 1.234) instead of the DECnet node name. If you are running DECnet-Plus, you can specify the format namespace:.directory_path.node_object (for example, local:.mynode). DECnet-Plus users can specify node names larger than six characters.
Connection Data Entry Information:
Protocol: decnet
Network address: node_name
The node_name is the DECnet node name in character form.
Listen address: II_GCC[xx]_nnnnn