2. Exploring Net : Net Concepts : Virtual Nodes
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Virtual Nodes
A virtual node (vnode) (also known as a Server Connection Definition) is a name defined on the local instance to identify a particular remote instance. Assigning a vnode name is typically the first step in the process of establishing connection and authorization data for a remote instance.
Whenever local users connect to a database on a remote instance or run an application that accesses a database on a remote instance, they must do one of the following:
Use the virtual node name assigned to that instance
Specify all of the required information in the connection string using the “dynamic vnode” format
Using vnodes is generally simpler for users because they only have to enter a single, user-friendly vnode name when they run an application, rather than detailed network-specific connection information. Another advantage of vnodes is that network changes can be updated for a vnode without notifying the user or changing the application.