10. Understanding ODBC Connectivity : ODBC Trace Diagnostics : Windows Environments
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Windows Environments
ODBC trace logs can be created for any Ingres application that uses ODBC. In addition to straight ODBC, applications include, but are not limited to:
OLE DB Provider for ODBC
.NET Data Provider for ODBC
Ingres Python DBI Driver
Ingres PHP ODBC Driver
Windows Access
Windows Excel
OpenOffice Base
Microsoft ASP pages
Note:  ASP pages, or any ODBC-based application executed from IIS (Internet Information Service) do not support ODBC tracing. See the Microsoft Knowledge Base document 836072 for more information.
The Windows ODBC Administrator is used to enable tracing. The ODBC Administrator may be visible from the Control Panel, or can be executed from the command prompt as \WINDOWS\SYSTEM32\odbcad32.exe (32-bit environments) or \WINDOWS\SysWOW64\odbcad32.exe (64-bit environments).
To enable tracing, click the Tracing tab in the ODBC Administrator's startup page, and then click the Start tracing now button. The Tracing page includes an entry box that specifies the path and file name of the ODBC trace log file. You can edit this box to redirect ODBC tracing output to another file.