K. IPv6 Configuration : Options for Disabling IPv6 Support : iicvtwintcp Command—Convert wintcp to tcp_ip Protocol Setting : iicvtwintcp Examples
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iicvtwintcp Examples
In these examples of the iicvtwintcp command, the command should be run while the Name Server (iigcn) is stopped.
1. Convert wintcp to tcp_ip in current installation:
iicvtwintcp -action convert_wintcp
2. Restore records converted to tcp_ip back to wintcp:
iicvtwintcp -action restore
3. Convert tcp_ip to wintcp in current installation.
This example is similar to Example 2 except that all tcp_ip records will be set to wintcp, not just the ones that were originally converted by -action convert_wintcp. Such a command is likely to be used if a restore is wanted but the backup file is lost.
iicvtwintcp -action convert_tcp_ip
4. List connection (NODE) information for all vnodes:
iicvtwintcp -action convert_wintcp -noupdate –verbose