1. Introduction : OpenAPI Concepts and Processes : How Query Statements Work
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How Query Statements Work
An application invokes query statements by calling the IIapi_query() function and providing the statement type and statement text in input parameters. Normally, the application obtains the results of the query by calling the IIapi_getQueryInfo() function and closes the statement by calling the IIapi_close() function.
Note:  Most of the information in this guide pertains to connecting to and operating on a DBMS, but you can work with the Name Server also. The term server is used generically, and query statement is used generically for either an SQL statement or Name Server query statement.
Data exchange between the application and a server requires two sets of information: data descriptors and data values. Query parameters are passed in calls to the IIapi_setDescriptor() and IIapi_putParms() functions. Result data returned by query statements is retrieved by calls to the IIapi_getDescriptor() and IIapi_getColumns() functions.