A. Frequently Asked Questions on Ingres for Linux : How Do I Get Characters to Display Properly?
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How Do I Get Characters to Display Properly?
When using alternative Ingres character sets, must I do anything other than setting II_CHARSETXX, to get the characters to display correctly?
If your terminal is using the same character set as Ingres, you should not have a problem. If characters are not displaying correctly, try starting the terminal with a specific character set.
For example, if you are using SHIFTJIS (Japanese Double Byte character set) as the II_CHARSETXX setting in a kterm, start the kterm with the following command:
kterm -km sjis
If you encounter problems using double byte character sets and kterm, try using the rxvt terminal instead. For example, to start the rxvt terminal with the SHIFTJIS character set, issue this command:
rxvt -km sjis