A. Frequently Asked Questions on Ingres for Linux : How Do I Map Function Keys?
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How Do I Map Function Keys?
How can I map function keys PFK1 through PFK4 for an xterm?
Running Ingres in an xterm, set TERM to xterm and set TERM_INGRES to vt100fx. Then use xmodmap to determine and set your function keys. To show current settings, use the command xmodmap –pke . (To determine the syntax for your version of xmodmap, use man xmodmap.)
You will probably find that there are no bindings for KP_F1 through KP_F4; you will need to bind them.
For example: to bind keys Shift+F1 through Shift+F4, create a file “mykeys” that contains:
keycode 67 = F1 KP_F1
keycode 68 = F2 KP_F2
keycode 69 = F3 KP_F3
keycode 70 = F4 KP_F4
Then issue the command:
xmodmap mykeys
Shift+F1 through Shift+F4 will now be defined as PFK1 through PFK4.